Guided Canyoning Paradise Tour in Salzburg, Austria

Canyoning Fischbachklamm is perfect for adventurers unafraid of heights. Enjoy limestone landscapes, crystal-clear turquoise pools, and 30-meter waterfall abseiling with spectacular Bluntautal mountain views.

Paul guiding clients down a waterfall during canyoning in Fischbachklamm. Canyoning in Salzburg with Paul Murray. Guided Canyoning Tours for small groups only.

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The Canyoning Paradise Tour 2024 in Salzburg, Fischbachklamm (Bluntautal)

Fischbachklamm Canyoning Tour Details

Paradise Canyoning Tour with Paul for the adventurous with no fear of heights

Difficulty: Medium-Difficult

Price: 120 euros

Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Hike to Top: 35 to 45 minutes

Start Time: 9 am

Group Size: Minimum 3 people, maximum 6 people (please contact me directly if your group is larger).

What to Bring: Sports shoes, swimwear, towel. Extras: Eyeglass strap, spare contacts, medical items (epipen, inhaler), water.

Requirements: Sure-footed, able to swim, comfortable in an aqua environment, no fear of heights or vertigo, good physical fitness, minimum age of 16 years with parental/adult supervision. (If this is not for you, please check out the beginners tour).

Meeting Point: At the Canyon. Bärenwirt car park.

Enjoying turquoise crystal-clear water pools and waterfall slides during canyoning in Salzburg's Fischbachklamm. Canyoning in Salzburg with Paul Murray.

Landscape and Views: Nestled in the picturesque Bluntautal, the Fischbach canyon captivates with its breathtaking scenery. The landscape is a visual feast, boasting awe-inspiring vistas and abundant natural beauty. As you traverse the canyon, you’re rewarded with magnificent panoramas of the encompassing terrain.

About the Fischbachklamm Canyon: The maximum abseil is 30 meters. The rock is limestone, and the water quality is crystal clear, enhancing the overall experience of the canyoning adventure.

Note: The advanced tour in the Fischbachklamm is highly weather-dependent, as we prioritize the highest level of safety. If the weather is not optimal on the day of the tour, it may be canceled, rescheduled, or relocated to the Beginner Tour in the Almbachklamm (even in rainy conditions). Everything will be arranged and discussed over the phone in advance. So, no need to worry 🙂

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